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Exotic Herbs & Spices

APD Foods range of Exotic & Culinary Herbs, Whole Spices & Ground, (Organic & Conventional) is widely used in many of the exclusive Savory and Seasoning applications all across the globe.

The entire product range of APD Foods assures quality and food safety beyond compare. We have more than 150 Organic certified products and more than 400 conventional products in our range.

– Whole Spices – Ground Spices – Exotic Herbs
– Salts & Pepper – Blends – Tea-Cut Herbs & Spices
Organic & Conventional

The range incorporates Drying, Roasting, Sizing, Cutting, Dicing to Specification and Customized Packing to suit the need of the customers.

Botanical Herbs & Extracts

APD Foods expertise in sourcing and extracting purest forms of Herbs and extracts is unmatched in the industry. We have a product range of more than 400 Organic and Conventional Natural Herbs which are widely used in many of the exclusive Pharmaceuticals, Nutraceuticals and Flavor & Fragrance formulations all across the globe.

Herbs are available in various forms from

– Raw Herbs – Ground Herbs – Tea-Cut Herbs
– Extracts – Soft, Oil, Dry, Liquid – 100% Aqua Solvent Extracts
Organic & Conventional

The entire range can be customized to meet the needs of the customers.

Natural Gums & Spray Dried Powders

APD Foods offers wide range of Natural Gums & Spray Dried Powders catering to various industries & applications ranging from Emulsions to Encapsulation to adhesives to whipping agents. The entire product range assures quality and food safety beyond compare.

– Gum Ghatti (Indian, Asian Gum) – Gum Acacia – Gum Ester
– Gum Karaya – Gum Olibanum (Frankincense) – Gum Guar
– Gum Xanthan – Gum Oppoponax – Gum Damar
– Gum Myrrh – Gum Guggul – Balsum Tolu and Peru
*Spray Dried Powder of Gum Ghatti & Gum Acacia

Raw (Whole) Gums, Granular Gums, Powdered Gums, Spray Dried Powder and Sortex Gums is incorporated in our product range.

The uses of Natural Gums depend highly on its application and are used by various industries including Food & Beverage, Flavor & Fragrance, Pharmaceuticals, Cosmeceuticals, Dairy & Confectionery, Brewing, Inks and Textiles, etc.

Natural Specialty Ingredients

APD Foods sources wide range of Natural herbs which are widely used in the manufacturing of Food Colors & Herbal Teas worldwide. We offer more than 50 specialty products, which are difficult to source and pass the stringent parameters.

The range includes finest quality of Dried Petals & Flowers, Annatto Nor-Bixin 2% to 20%, Turmeric Finger with Curcumin 6%, Licorice Extract in thick paste form, Safflower, Butterfly Pea Flower, Lemon Peel, Orange Peel, Pomegranate Peel, Blue Corn Flower, Rose Petals, etc

APD Foods is one of the recognized ingredient suppliers for the range of our Specialty ingredients range. We work directly with the farmers and cultivate some of the finest quality products.