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Exotic Herbs & Spices

APD Foods range of Exotic & Culinary Herbs, Whole Spices & Ground, are widely used in many of the exclusive Savory and Seasoning applications all across the globe.

Botanical Herbs & Extracts

APD Foods expertise in sourcing and extracting purest forms of Herbs and extracts is unmatched in the industry.

Natural Gums

APD Foods offers wide range of Natural Gums & SD Powders catering to Emulsions to Encapsulation to adhesives to whipping agents.

Natural Colour Ingredients

APD Foods manufactures & sources a wide range of natural ingredients which are widely used in the manufacturing of Food Colors & Herbal Teas worldwide.

Company Overview

APD Foods, a specialty ingredient manufacturer was started with great enthusiasm, a big dream, a big idea to be one of the finest in the food ingredient industry.

Established in the year 2013, APD Foods is one of the leading food ingredient suppliers, manufacturing and sourcing a wide range of intermediate products from India and across the globe. We specialize in adding value and proficiency of more than 65 years to the products making it “Specialty Ingredients”. Our expertise in manufacturing and sourcing Conventional & Organic Botanical Herbs & Spices, Natural Gums & Spray Dried Powders, Herbal Tea-Cut Ingredients and other specialty food and chemical ingredients is unmatched in the industry.

At the heart of APD foods there is Consistency, Determination and Integrity. In addition, we do what we say; we deliver what we promise; and in the process, we are working hard if we can over-deliver. APD Foods is a customer-centric organization focused on delivering high-quality and customized food ingredients. We work closely with our partners/customers/prospects in understanding their business requirements and we align our business goals to achieve their corporate objectives.

Our Objective is Simple…

To become the first choice as your partner for your requirement of


VALUE Addition

At APD Foods, we believe consistency and standardization is the key to any value-added products.

Our commitment to continuous improvement and innovation has given us an edge in delivering the finest quality ingredients.

QUALITY Assurance

At APD Foods, quality can never be compromised for commercial benefits.

Quality is the hallmark of all our endeavors, which has earned us a strong reputation in the market.

Through testing, we ensure and deliver the safest and the highest quality products to our customers.


APD Foods manufactures and sources a wide range of Organic & Conventional Botanical Herbs and Extracts, Exotic Herbs and Spices, Natural Gums & Spray Dried Powders, Herbal Tea-Cut Ingredients, Dried Flowers and Petals, Essential Oils and some other essential and specialty ingredients.

Manufacturing & Supplying Food Ingredients can be a Formidable field to be in. Why?

  • Every raw ingredient will have a few and sometimes numerous grades. Every grade will have its own properties.
  • Every raw ingredient grows in different regions of the country and sometimes the world. Hence different sensory profiles.
  • Selecting the right raw material, with approved parameters, blending it rightly in proportion, making a quality product at the right price can all be a tedious task and requires a different skill set.
  • Any manufactured product has to align with customer needs, has to add value to the customer’s requirement, has to give a profit margin for the business to sustain.

Why APD Foods? What is that we do different? How are we sustaining in the business? How are we adding value to the customers requirement?

  • We are Domain Specialist with more than 65 years of experience in the field of Herbs and Spices.
  • On the leading edge, we have an extremely talented team backed by a very strong vendor base across India.
  • Quality, Safety and Efficiency are key drivers in our value chain system. We understand and believe each of these elements plays a vital role in terms of the sustainability of the business.
  • We follow ISO 9001:2008 standard for Quality Assurance and FSSC 22000 for Food Safety Assurance. We have well-established quality assurance and quality check systems to verify the quality before our product reaches our customers.
  • Moreover, we have embraced the new tools to keep up with the ever-changing food standards, aligning our goals per the demand from the customers, constant innovation and a strong determination to work with integrity has given us wings and reach the sky.